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Whole Hog

This experience driven event explores the different tastes and textures of one of the most amazing animals, the pig. We start cooking the pig onsite in the morning of the event in our custom brick pit until ready 10-12 hours later.

As a Guest, you will arrive at 6.15pm on the day of the event. The show starts at 6.30pm with the cooked pig being carried to the chopping board.  During the next 1.5 hours we serve 4 small pork plates highlighting the different parts of the animal followed by dessert. Once we are done, we invite our guests to an old-fashioned pig picking where we keep feeding them until they can’t eat any more.

The Menu

  1. Chopped ham with slaw & a vinegar BBQ sauce.

  2. Sliced loin with stewed apples and onions.

  3. Shredded belly & ribs with cherry chipotle glaze

  4. Pulled shoulder on a buttery smoked jacket potato.

  5. Dessert

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