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Come join the only class of its kind in Australia, if not the world and learn hands on meat smoking skills you can implement straight away at home.

The 12 hour class starts at 6.45am & runs the full length of a brisket cook. During the day absolutely everything I have learned over the last 5 years is passed on.


The Class Basics


    - 18 Students, 6 groups of 3 students

​    - Smoking on 6 x Hark Texas Pro Pits (offset)

    - Fire management
    - Full Briskets & Pork Ribs cook
    - Full Sausage making process & cook

    - HBBQ’s famous Smash Burgers

    - Home Tips from commercial experience

    - How to cook for large groups

    - breakfast & lunch

    - Take home a 1/3rd of a brisket cooked by you

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Tickets are $320
$120 Online deposit &

$200 cash on the day 

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