15 minutes Boil water for potato’s.

Soak veg (5-10 minutes)

Take potato’s and Roughly chop into 4 and drop potato’s, set alarm 8minutes and get out everything for salads and pasta

20 Minutes (broccoli salad)

Get broccoli out of rinse, chop and bowl.

Add other ingredients, stir. portion out and count.

(Potato’s will need to be removed and put in fridge) 

Get water boiling and drop 10 eggs (timer 10 minutes)

30 minutes (Potato salad)

Get water boiling.

Get out potato’s , dice and into bowl. Dice celery and bowl.

Add other ingredients and mix.

Put on Pasta - Portion out PS and count.

20 minutes Drain Mac and reboil water.

Get out slaw dressing ingredients 

Drop pasta and set timer. (4 minutes) 

Mix slaw dressing 

Two Full Hours to here 11am

Get everything you need for slaw and cut cabbage with serrated knife . Process all cabbage for robocoup. Shred cabbage Clean and grate carrot.

Mix and portion. 2 slaw chef pans, 60 (80g) singles 20 (150g doubles)

Clean down - leave everything  for white & burger sauce.

 lunch - 1pm - put on flattop

Make white sauce 

Make Burger sauce 

Mark BBQ


Bacon jam (45mins) then simmer on flattop

Grill  5 sleeves of bacon & cook to just before crispy.

Slice onion with mandarin (interchange cooking bacon/slicing onion).

Cook onion.

Cut chicken and buttermilk.