Barbecue Cutting Station
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Central Texas Style Barbecue

Paying homage to the authentic Texas Barbecue experience by delivering fresh cut meats via a deli style service

Meat By Weight



Brisket                             $10.50

Pork                                  $9.50   

Pork Ribs                          $10.50 or $22/300g

Beef Rib                            $40-$60(per serve)



House Sausage                 $7

Southern Fried Chicken  $6

Sides                                              $5/$8/$12

Potato Salad

Creamy Slaw

Creamed Corn

Mac & Cheese


Fries                                              $4/$8/$12


Loaded Fries

(Brisket, chicken or Pork)           $18

Barbecue boxes
& Burgers

Brisket Box  (200g Brisket & fries)      $24

Pork Box      (200g Pork & fries)          $22

Pork Rib Box (300g Pork Ribs & fries)   $25

Chicken Box  (2 x Fried chicken)            $18

Sausage Box  (2 x XL sausage & fries)   $18

Chopped Brisket       Reg $15/Lar $20

Chopped Pork            Reg $15/Lar $20

Fried Chicken            Reg $15/Lar $20 

Desserts                                       $8


Pecan, Key lime & peanut Butter Pie.

Triple Choc chip Brownie & Texas Style Banana Pudding.

Our online pre-order system runs all week to make sure you don't miss out on our sell out products.
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Open Friday 11am to 7pm

Saturday 11am to Sold Out

Houston's Barbecue 

99a Slater Parade, Keilor East



Looking for

Our 2022 catering menu is available at below We offer a full range of catering options to fit every budget from pick up whole cuts to on-site full service buffet. Please e-mail  us for any additional information at

Pick Up Whole Cuts – Pick up whole cuts, hot or cold with full instructions on how to reheat if needed. This will require you to slice and cut everything at your event .


Pick Up Buffet – No fuss hot buffet style pickup with disposable food warmers is a great way to feed your guests. The best part is there’s no cleaning up as everything is disposable.


On Site Buffet - A traditional buffet line, where my team will serve your guests. We will have cutting stations and fully serviced salads and sides area, for that authentic Texan experience.


Smoke School
by Houston's BArbecue

Come join the only class of its kind in Australia, if not the world and learn hands on smoking skills you can implement straight away at home.

The 12-14 hour class starts at 6.45am & runs the full length of a brisket cook. During the day absolutely everything I have learned over the last 5 years is passed on.

The class cost $320, includes the below plus breakfast, lunch and take home brisket cooked by you.

Class Highlights..

      - 24 Students, 8 groups x 3 students

      - Smoking on 8 x Hark Texas Pro Pits

      - Fire management
      - Full Briskets & Pork Ribs cook
      - Full Sausage making process & cook

      - HBBQ’s famous Smash Burgers

      - Home Tips from commercial experience

      - How to cook for large groups

Grab a ticket to Smoke School below.

Please note it's a $120 non-refundable deposit & $200 on the day.


Smoke School